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Currency Linked DepositDefinition - What Currency Linked Deposits (CLD)? Chong Hing Bank - Currency Linked Deposit (CLD)

Currency linked deposit example

In financea dual currency deposit DCDalso known as Dual Currency Instrument or Dual Currency Product is currency linked deposit example derivative instrument which combines a money market deposit with a currency option to provide a higher yield than that available for a standard deposit.

There is a higher risk than with the latter - the depositor can receive less funds than originally deposited and in a different currency. If an investor has a view on the initial investment currency a Dual Currency strategy allows the investor to benefit from higher returns. The returns are higher than the returns on normal deposits in compensation for the higher risks that are associated with DCDs due to being exposed to foreign exchange.

Currency linked deposit example maturity, if the local currency is weaker than the strike rate funds will be redeemed in the local currency. If the client is comfortable currency linked deposit example risk the conversion level will be closer to the current level, the interest payable will be higher as the risk click to see more conversion increases.

The DCD is actually composed of a normal currency linked deposit example and an option. Normally in the options market the seller of an option is paid before the premium value date or spot datehowever in the case of the DCD the client is paid at the end of the deposit period.

Adding this to the deposit redemption-amount means that the amount of currency that will need converting if the option strike is passed at currency linked deposit example has now increased. So the option face amount needs to be altered to take the extra interest into account.

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Currency linked deposit example

In Hong Kong, currency-linked investments are a popular kind of investment product offered to retail investors. They are usually sold by banks as currency linked deposit example deposits". However, you should bear in mind that a currency-linked investment product is not equivalent to a time deposit and is not covered by the Deposit Protection Scheme in Hong Kong. Also, depending on the terms of the winning online product, it may be not principal-protected.

A currency-linked investment product is a structured investment product that consists of a time deposit in the deposit currency with currency option derivatives.

In general, if you purchase a non-principal-protected currency-linked investment product, you will be selling a put option on an alternative currency ie the linked currency of your choice to the offeror eg a bank. Investing in a currency-linked investment product is therefore not the same as buying the linked currency directly.

The proceeds that you currency linked deposit example receive at the end of the tenor currency linked deposit example depend on the exchange rate of the base currency ie the deposit currency and the linked currency.

Your return on a currency-linked investment product depends on whether the market exchange rate is at or above the predetermined conversion rate upon maturity. Below is an example of a currency-linked deposit with the base currency in Hong Kong dollar and the linked check this out in Australian dollar:.

In general, there is a minimum investment amount and a selection of available currencies offered by the offeror. For example, at the time you set up a currency-linked deposit with the bank, you choose a base currency, a linked currency linked deposit example and the deposit tenor. Based on your forecast of the foreign exchange movement of the linked currency that you choose, you will agree with the bank a conversion rate of the linked currency against the base currency ie the predetermined conversion rate.

Upon maturity of the product, you will be paid the maturity proceeds which comprise the principal and interest in either the base or linked currency, depending on the prevailing market exchange rate compared with the predetermined conversion rate of the linked currency. If the linked currency moves in the direction you expect, you will receive the maturity proceeds in the base currency.

On the contrary, if it moves in the opposite direction, your maturity proceeds received will be converted to the linked currency at the predetermined conversion rate accordingly. Given that a currency-linked investment product is not equivalent to a currency linked deposit example deposit and is often not principal protected, you should be aware that you could lose all your money in the worst scenario.

Some common key risks specific to this investment product include:. Currency-linked investment is an unlisted structured product embedded with derivatives. It more info not equivalent to time deposit. Currency-linked investment is embedded with foreign currency option which involves risks, especially when selling an option.

Although the premium received from selling an option is fixed, you may suffer a loss well in excess of such premium, and your loss could be substantial in extreme cases. If the offeror of the currency-linked investment product becomes insolvent or defaults on its obligations, you will not receive any maturity payout on the maturity date.

You may only claim as an unsecured creditor of the bank. If the currency-linked investment product is not principal-protected, in the worst case, you could lose your entire investment if value of the linked currency payable by the offeror to you becomes valueless on the maturity date. Even if the currency-linked investment product is principal-protected, the principal protection feature is only applicable if you hold the product till maturity.

You could still lose your entire investment if the offeror becomes insolvent or defaults. The maximum potential gain is capped at the pre-determined interest amount on the currency-linked investment product. The return of currency-linked currency linked deposit example depends on the exchange rate movement of the base currency against the linked currency.

The exchange rate of a currency is affected by a number of unpredictable factors including macroeconomic and political factors. For example, the 7sultans online casino review of a country may impose exchange control currency linked deposit example other monetary. Measures with little or no warning, which may impact significantly on the convertibility and exchange rate of a currency against other currency.

Generally you cannot early terminate or adjust the transaction terms of a currency-linked investment product. Pre-investment cooling off period PICOP is applicable to each particular deal of the currency-linked investment products if you are one of the following Во-первых, download free pokie machine games сделал customer types:.

Under the PICOP arrangement, you currency linked deposit example be given at least 2 calendar days of which the last day should be a business day to understand the currency-linked investment, consider the appropriateness of the investment and, if necessary, consult family members and friends.

The terms of transaction will be fixed on the day when you give instruction to the bank to confirm a purchase, i. Currency-linked investment products issued by banks are not authoriszed by the Securities and Futures Commission but banks currency linked deposit example these products are required to comply with the requirements of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority HKMAthe banks' regulator.

To enhance product disclosure to retail investors purchasing currency-linked investment products issued by banks, banks selling these products are online slots casino safe by the HKMA currency linked deposit example distribute an Important Facts Statement IFS to the clients.

The product offering documents, including the IFS, provide you with detailed information about the key features and risks of the product. You should read and understand the product offering documents before deciding whether to invest. As always, you should not invest in any financial products you do not know or understand. Therefore, you should fully understand the features and risks of currency-linked investment products before deciding whether to invest. Currency linked deposit example are also advised to check out with the banks or seek independent professional advice if you are in any doubt about the product or whether it is suitable for you before making a commitment.

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