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Early life. Jack Abramoff was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey, into a Jewish family. His parents were Jane (née Divac) and Franklin Abramoff, who was president of.

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Gibney won an Oscar for Documentary Feature in Casino Jack regurgitated the identical story casino jack and the united states of money summary media had proffered about "evil" Abramoff, and thematically repeated a documentary on Abramoff by Bill Moyers several years ago. Gibney's film would have been a far more целый quick online roulette Кстати and compelling work had it been even-handed.

Even though I found his Abramoff documentary tendentious and flawed, I admire and respect Gibney and his work very much. Politically, we are both hard-core liberals. Because I was writing a book about Abramoff and secretly interviewing him before and during his imprisonment, Gibney and I have been occasionally meeting and talking about the Abramoff scandal for the past three years.

There are so many disappointing things with this documentary This web page don't know where to begin. My roulette money maker machine review problem was that Gibney made no attempt to be objective, and that casino jack and the united states of money summary omitted a plethora of important information that might have afforded the casino playtech italiani the opportunity to draw a more balanced, nuanced, and certainly more informed conclusion about this complex scandal.

Gibney apparently knew what his conclusion would be long in advance. Presumably for that reason, he did not interview anybody who defended Abramoff or anyone who argued that this scandal was far more convoluted than the simplistic, black-and-white narrative that has been repetitiously presented on the public hiring casino pbcom online tower now by Gibney.

The film opens with footage of the mob murder of Florida businessman Gus Boulis, even though Abramoff had met Boulis only once and had absolutely nothing to do with his murder.

Soon, there is footage of the casinos operated by Abramoff's tribal clients. Casino jack and the united states of money summary, these casinos are on par with those in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. And clearly, these thriving casinos, earning hundreds of millions of dollars a year, belong to Indians who are well-to-do, not bumpkins that just fell off a log.

They can afford the best consultants, lawyers, accountants, and lobbyists. Hence, these particular Indians--for whom Abramoff was the lobbyist--were hardly unsophisticated. Although a handful in the audience might have grasped this, Gibney should have made this point explicitly clear. A large part of what drove the virulent casino jack and the united states of money summary toward Abramoff was fueled by our collective guilt over the genocide that our European ancestors had committed against the Native Americans.

Inthere were wild celebrations across the country. But inthere were essentially no national or regional celebrations to mark an extraordinary numerical anniversary: We were too ashamed. Yes, the public was infuriated with Abramoff.

Here was this white man-- the fact that he was an Orthodox Jew only made matters worse --stealing candy from these poor and unsophisticated Indians. The Washington Postwhich broke this story, exploited this undercurrent of shame brilliantly and cynically. I feel it was disingenuous of Gibney not to make clear in his film that these particular Indians--whom Abramoff was accused of defrauding--were not your stereotypic unemployed Indian, boozing it up on a hard-scrabble reservation.

In the end, these Indians proved to be far more sophisticated than Washington uber-lobbyist Jack Abramoff. John McCain, online casino hack chair of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, which casino jack and the united states of money summary check this out Abramoff, wanted to impart was that not only had Abramoff defrauded his clients, but he had been an ineffective and lousy lobbyist.

In other words, they wanted the public to believe that all these gullible, unsophisticated Indians had not only been bamboozled into paying Abramoff gargantuan sums, but had received little or nothing in return. This, however, is untrue. Abramoff was perhaps the most effective Indian lobbyist who ever lived.

It would have been fair if Gibney had at least made that clear in his film. But he did not. Apparently, Gibney preferred Abramoff's iconic image as the indelibly vile pariah, Indian exploiter, and corrupter of the democratic process. Gibney describes how Abramoff, remember, a casino jack and the united states of money summary advocates for and protects his clients the same way a lawyer doesprotected the interests of his client, the Choctaw Indians of Mississippi, so that its casino could keep making money.

If a nearby casino were casino jack and the united states of money summary open it would hurt his client's revenue stream. So Abramoff worked hard to make sure no competing casino ever opened up. This is the American Way, for better or worse. The Choctaws ran a very lucrative casino near the Alabama border.

The Jena Tribe, also located nearby in Mississippi, wanted to open its own casino, which would have put a big dent in the Choctaws' profits.

But first, the Jena Tribe needed to get federal approval. But Gibney made it seem that Abramoff's successful efforts were somehow sleazy. But that's not the point.

Abramoff did his job. He may have charged a lot, but he did save the Choctaws many hundreds of millions of dollars--far, far in excess of what he charged his client. Gibney should have pointed that out. Gibney also completely omitted another far more spectacular Choctaw success that Abramoff engineered. He somehow stopped a referendum in next-door Alabama that would have led to the opening of Indian casinos in that state. Since most of the Choctaw casino clients came from Alabama, the passage of that referendum would have probably put their casino out of business.

Once again, Abramoff saved his client hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars, something Gibney did not to mention. Gibney omitted another impressive Abramoff lobbying coup involving the wealthy Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana, which also operated a casino and resort. The Louisiana Coushatta had click to the Bureau of Indian Affairs BIA in for permission to purchase about 9, acres of land "in trust" to augment the size of its reservation.

For nearly 75 years, the BIA did nothing but sit on that application. Again, Gibney made no mention of this. Abramoff's biggest lobbying coup for the Louisiana Coushatta was shutting down a casino east of Houston, Texas, that may have casino jack and the united states of money summary his client's casino out of business.

It may seem hard to believe, but a complicating factor involved his also shutting down the casino of a tribe miles away in El Paso, Texas. Gibney focused a lot of attention on the Tigua tribe of El Paso.

This pivotal and controversial episode in the Abramoff scandal is the one which reporter Susan Schmidt of The Washington Postwhom Gibney interviewed extensively in the filmmanufactured so that Abramoff would appear to be the most deceitful villain who'd had ever slithered out of the slime. Schmidt claimed that Abramoff had secretly shut down the Tigua's casino simply so he could appear the very next day in order to persuade the tribe to hire him to get its casino reopened!

The ultimate sleazebag, right? It was Schmidt who was sleazy--some would say dishonest--in how she manipulated the facts. But her little work of fiction created such a firestorm of public fury against Abramoff that it helped her win a Pulitzer Prize, which, in my opinion, should be rescinded. What's more, it was also the final straw that made Abramoff's imprisonment inevitable. The problem is that Schmidt withheld a crucial piece of information from her story.

Here are the facts. Please bear with me. This is a bit complicated. Back inthere was one tribal casino in Texas, and it was being operated illegally something Gibney neglected to mention by the Tigua Tribe in El Paso.

There was a second tribe preparing to open its own illegal casino miles away, east of Houston. That second tribe is confusingly called the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas.

A pending bill in the Texas state legislature would have legalized both tribal casinos. Abramoff's client--the Louisiana Coushatta, who had just purchased 9, acres of land thanks to Abramoff and DeLayoperated a very lucrative casino near the Texas border--felt very threatened. Most of its gamblers drove three hours from the Houston area to play slot machines and blackjack in its casino. Had the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas opened its own casino east of Houston, Abramoff's client, the Louisiana Coushatta, might have been forced out of business.

Why drive three hours to gamble when a new casino has just opened minutes away? Here's the point of this complex-sounding story. Abramoff needed to stop that Texas bill which would have legalized the two tribal casinos, even though only one of them--the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas--threatened his Louisiana client.

Obviously, Abramoff had absolutely no interest in shutting down the Tigua casino, because it was located in El Paso, miles from and therefore no threat to his client in Louisiana. But, yes, if Abramoff could find a way to kill the bill, the Tigua casino would also be shut down. In another brilliant lobbying coup, which Gibney once again failed to point outAbramoff managed to derail the Texas bill. The bill had already passed in the Texas House by an vote margin.

It would have easily passed in the Texas Senate by an even greater margin, but Abramoff casino jack and the united states of money summary somehow able to prevent the bill from ever reaching the Senate floor for a vote! Hence, the bill failed to become law and both tribal casinos were shut down.

She claimed that Abramoff's sole purpose was to shut down the Tigua's casino so he could persuade them click to see more hire him to get it reopened. She completely omitted the fact that the casino of another tribe--the Alabama-Coushatta Link of Texas--was the one and only one he was really interested in shuttering.

Her name had appeared on a recent story in which those two facts were identified by her! Hence, it casino jack and the united states of money summary appear that Schmidt deliberately omitted this key bit of information simply so her story would make Abramoff's behavior seem so reprehensible. I discussed this complicated story a number of times with Gibney. He didn't seem as outraged as I.

But he did end up conceding in his film that Abramoff's shuttering of the Tigua casino was "collateral damage. She simply omitted the name of the second tribe and, most importantly, that the second tribe was Abramoff's real target. Given Schmidt's previous reporting, she knew that the real reason for Abramoff's actions were not what she reported, but rather to protect his Louisiana-based casino client.

In the film, Gibney did not call Schmidt on the carpet for her gross journalistic transgression or question her on this matter at all. Why he gave her a free pass I find puzzling. Although Gibney did mention that McCain had suppressed many of Abramoff's subpoenaed emails, Gibney did not provide a readily available and widely known specific numerical percentage. This highly selective release of emails allowed McCain to paint Abramoff in the worst possible light, especially since Abramoff foolishly decided not to defend himself during the hearings.

On advice of counsel, Abramoff exercised his Fifth Amendment right, which led many to conclude he was guilty. Gibney did point out that McCain suppressed many of Abramoff's emails, but that he did so to avoid injuring his fellow Republicans. That was only partly true. The tiny fraction of emails McCain released had been selected and taken out of context in order to generate the greatest possible damage to Abramoff.

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